Crossing the entrance for the first time, Carla never imagined that, one day, she would handle that company, founded in Parabiago by his husband Mario Re Depaolini, that, in an old spinning mill in late thirties, made his first female stocking with Rede brand, that is, with his initial syllables of his surname.

When the husband died, Carla has had to take over the reins of the family business and, attentive to the ongoing social changes, that the advent of television is echoed, she understands that not only fashion, but also the woman and her role within the society was changing, radically and relentlessly. Encouraged by the social changes arising with the end of the war – we are in the late fifties -, women start feeling more free, emancipated and modern: now they are not only “angels of the hearth”, family and home care assistant, but they work, appear on the big screen, appear smiling on newspapers covers, parading on the catwalk. Now the woman is more self-confident and sure of her charms, showed by clothing and accessories choice. This is why Carla, thanks to her foresight and her ability to read and anticipate changes, together with her Rede stocking, since the beginning is an accomplice of this revolution of the sex, that becomes more and more aware, demanding and sophisticated.

Over the years, Rede production diversified: add lines for men and for young, in order to satisfy all family’s needs, always with high quality products. Today the company is in the hands of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but the focus is always her: Carla, that with her femininity and foresight has been able to read the society, wearing women’s legs in their footsteps, faster, towards emancipation.