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Bebop beard soap 100ml

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Bebop beard soap 100ml

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BeBop Bio Beard Soap is a beard shampoo whose organic formulation, devoid of any aggressive substances and parabens, is absolutely new and exclusive in Italy. The effect of this very precious formula enriched with vitamin E will be a soft, clean, hydrated, shining and perfumed beard. Its pleasantly lively and stimulating fragrance was inspired by BeBop music, the nonconformist Jazz style which developed mostly in New York in the 1940s. The notes of the BeBop Beard Soap fragrance are like Dizzie Gillespie’s ones: lively, pleasant, full of energy and style.
Many people wonder what the difference between a hair shampoo and a beard one is. The difference is in the skin beneath. The skin of the face is different from the scalp and requires particular hydration and care. For this reason, BeBop Beard Soap contains Tsubaki oil, an encient antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, soothing, anti-infiammatory, hydrating agent, which can also strengthen the skin cell barrier.

Organic formulation, with vitamin E and Tsubaki oil. BeBop Music.

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