Made in Italy and stylishness symbol, the jacket is taking pride of place on the scene. To give it this role is Bianconi, whose jacket is a combination between stylishness, quality clothing, tradition and modern taste.

After some years it has been considered a clothing item that binds and, for someone, also obsolete and overtaken. However, today the jacket is synonym of style and so wearable both at high level business and free time. The jacket is worn on several occasions because it is not declined just to the institutional version.

Breaking away from that connotation, it can be also sporty and casual, with the guarantee of the Made in Italy style that only knows how to give.

Therefore, it is a passepartout clothing item, suitable for all ages, for any occasion.

You can never go wrong ever to wear it. With a sweater, a shirt, a tie, a t-shirt, the jacket wears without giving the idea of the institutional caging clothing but, on the contrary, that let free, giving always credibility.


Even if each season has its colours and its fabrics, the trend now sees blue as the dominant colour, in each of its tone. The blue colour is young and rejuvenates. It is suitable for every season and befits each fabric. It can be worn during the night as well as the morning, with a pair of jeans, a mismatched or with a suit. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, synonym of free man by wide horizons.