The Borsa Shirt factory represents and reflects the style of the person wearing it.
Its character merges with the personality of the wearer to provide a look that is informal but intense, genuine. It is a shirt to wear on any occasion, created for those who seek excellence and style, highlighting their identity and individuality.
For those who wish to stand out. For those who need to dream, for those who have the ever-present feeling of wide spaces, of sweeping landscapes, of a warm atmosphere.
Shirt factory Borsa in collaboration with cotton mill Albini, the European leader in the production of textiles for shirts, has selected the best cotton on the market.
The fabric comes from the use of excellent raw materials: the Supima for White variants and the Egyptian Cotton Giza 87.
Through this box set you will be guided in the renewal of an ancient tradition, tailoring, craft, creating a new classic style, a new concept of shirts based on the reinterpretation of the classic product in the elegance of an informal spirit. The combination of these elements will create a product projected into the future with the care in sewing and the attention to details that has Always characterized the history of shirt factory Borsa.