Break the mold by offering something different. The protagonist is the detail. Only it, with its colours, its folds, its light, can make a difference. It’s like this that Dandy Street serves as a kind of particular’s fabric. Can be a bracelet, a papillon or a scarf that has to make a difference and enhance the taste and style of the man who wears it.

Yes, of the man. He can also wear jewellery and with this, not only a precious bracelet, but also an accessory. Dandy Street refers to the man who loves enhancing his personality without ever abdicate to the style. It is a timeless gentleman who always draws on tradition with a modern twist.

Creativity and craftsmanship are in this contest, the essential ingredients for a unique product, of high quality, refined and simple at the same time. Skilled hands, rigorously Italian, work and put coloured stones. Male wrist no longer causes only the watch, but even more. Several bracelets, with various processes, including those made of silver, take their place.

In a moment in which luxury travels higher and higher no longer propose, as someone thinks, nothing really even seen, Dandy Street tries to intercept the increasing desire of many people to show its taste and personality in a different and original way.