A hug that buttons. A ritual that takes place every day. A morning and evening bow. The shirt is all this. It is more than a simply clothing item. It is almost an undergarment that takes the shape of the body. Maybe the mind as well. It is the alphabet of who seduces, while the button is the word through which invite someone to button and unbutton. Everything by simply gestures but concrete, much more efficient than any speech. The shirt is Julian Kay, the American gigolo interpreted by Richard Gere, that makes seduction as his art and his weapon. To Julian Kay, icon that everyone remembers, Golden Brat dedicated one of his collection. All of them have iconic names, evoking a character who made history for style and body language. Golden Brat’s shirts are culture, textiles innovation and contemporary cut shirts:  created in Lisle, ideal for direct contact with the skin, keep the real and elegant Italian taste, staying in step with the taste of today. T-shirts? There are them, but they will always be accompanied by her, the shirt.