Pascual Baylon décolleté are created by the hands of the best Italian footwear craftsmen.
Thanks to a minimalist construction, the shoe wraps the foot and is not deformed by use.
The French word décolleté means “without neck”: this classic and contemporary shoe has an elegant u-shape neckline ending in its slender and sensual heel.
The shape on which the shoe is made is it's true soul.
The balance in volumes and the care to the proportions give character to a very traditional model.
The heel is 85 mm (3.4 inches) high and contributes to a slender foot, enhancing the female figure.
Without relinquishing elegance and design, this shoe assures wellbeing and comfort for the daily use.
The absence of the internal plateau confers a natural self-confidence in walking.
Finally, the care in selecting the materials is evident both internally and externally.
The upper is cut into fine suede, provided by renowned Conceria Stefania, one of the most popular luxury leathers producers in Italy.
The shoe lining is made of soft kid leather, shaded naked, with the sock liner reinforced in an ergonomic position.