Sense and sensibility, but also a lot of patience, humility and curiosity for the world and for its inhabitants.

There are people who communicate energy, other who steal life energy, other too busy to complain or, on the contrary, to boast.

As the English say: “Terrible peacocks”… There is people who did, does and still keep doing.

A good example is Alessandro Varisco, Twinset CEO and guest for a special lesson at IED fashion in Rome, called by the new director Paola Pattacini. The two knew each other’s from the time of Ferrè, when the architect was still alive. There is a good feeling, the right atmosphere to involve a whole auditorium full of young people, not an expected operation at six o’clock pm, in a day of work almost finished for students, teachers and external guests.

Varisco quickly and clearly introduces the market picture of luxury, today 1044 miliards euro, and in great growth, to show its attractive strength. Although, especially if compared to the rest of the world or to the giants French cousins, the Italian picture is that of small and medium-sized enterprises: even if with a great heritage, those really well-known brands today do not have a solid ground under their feet

The trend, for whom overlooks the field, is that of a lot of companies and generally of a low success, but for who manage to succeed, the satisfaction is just around the corner… From the 2008 crisis, a polarization has wiped out the medium class: there are the super rich and the super poor, bluntly, so everyone is chasing the concept of the inaccessible luxury, but as Varisco properly reminds: if luxury gets accessible, we are no longer talking about luxury

Let’s come back to Varisco story. It was the year 2009 when the group Aeffe called him to relaunch Moschino. He decided to go, against the opinion of everyone, wife included. The choice was right if today he can affirm that “it was the greatest school ever”. “The first step was to understand the DNA of the company and to come back to that, to Franco Moschino, and to his iconic, ironic style. Change the head of the people is difficult, especially of workers and managers who are in the company since forever and believe that change implies loss, whereas it’s the contrary”. A reorganization in which many heads could fall, but which led to a comeback, even thanks to a genius like Jeremy Scott, met for the signature of the contract in LA.

“I don’t speak Italian, but I speak Moschino”. And, ca va sans dire, it’s love at first sight. The first collections are amazing, everyone is in love with the McDonald’s capsule, the yellow sweaters with the red M become cult. Varisco believed in it and he was right, he was driven by the experience and the instinct, inspired by an article of Suzy Menkes and by a run in Central Park. “While you do sport, you conceive the best ideas: it clears your mind, it is fundamental”, those are the words of the ex-basket gamer.

Always think outside of the box” – Varisco explains – outside of the box, and if possible, as if the damn box did not exist. Always curious, careful and engaged before the study and then at work. The competition is through the roof, you can’t afford to stand still”. It is like that in Moschino, after seven years a new challenge, Twinset by Simona Barbieri, a hot brand, reassuring, worn by ordinary women, with love and care. A brand which, to be on the market today, must become global, operating a retail renovation and an upgrade of the sales channels, obviously continuing to dream and to “warm up”.

The important step is to understand the dna of the brand and of the company for which you are working, whether you are the manager or the stylist, and to be active part of the world, analyzing the surrounding socio-economic context, the needs of the customers”.

We all are fashion, without exception.